Welcome to USA Car loan. Fixing bad credit with an online car loan is cheaper than you think.

1. Online auto credit

The power of $1.49 a day

We serve all credit levels, but we specialize in helping people obtain approvals for bad credit car loans.

And here's the truth.

If you have bad credit, you'll pay more for a loan, but probably not as much as you might think. The difference between an average car loan at 9 percent and 18 percent works out to only $1.49 a day.

When you consider what that $1.49 buys you -- a chance to rebuild
your credit and get
some positive
momentum in
your financial life
it's a bargain. Less
than a daily stop
at Starbucks.

2. Don't Be Afraid

Credit issues are pretty common

As many cars are sold to people with bad credit as are sold to people with good credit. In fact, some experts say the sub-prime market is actually bigger than prime.

So what's this mean for you? It means dealers aren't going to give you a hard time because they need your business, and in fact, odds are you'll be treated rather well because dealers are getting
more used to dealing
with credit problems.

Working with people
like us helps, too.
We're electronically
linked to hundreds
of lenders. Finding
the lowest rate is
just a click away.

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